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Master i teater
About Master’s in theatre

The Master’s degree programme in theatre is a two-year, full-time study. The aim of the programme is to develop theatrical practitioners who may help re think the various disciplines, introduce fresh perspectives and create their own artistic expression within a broad definition of what the theatrical arts are and can be.

The programme focuses on artistic practice, and a major part consists of collective creative processes where a mix of disciplines and specialisations meet and interact.

The programme is a unique opportunity for theatrical practitioners to develop professionally both in the practice and theory of their discipline. This requires a willingness to work independently, to mature and to reflect.

The Master’s programme gives students the opportunity to reflect on and refine their artistic practice, immerse themselves in artistic exploration, participate in new forms of collaboration and present their works in a professional setting at one of Europe’s premier art academies. The artistic work takes place both individually and in collaboration with a highly diverse student body and staff.

The teaching at the programme is varied, and students will also engage in a wide range of workshop processes. A key element is the production work that leads to various forms of performances and stagings, as closely followed up by teachers and supervisors at a high Norwegian and international level. The programme concludes with an artistic Master’s degree project, which will also include a written submission with the student’s reflections.

The Master’s programme is no longer organised according to a fixed division into areas of specialisation. This means that it is up to the students themselves to define their own specialisation on the basis of their experiences, skills and goals.

The programme also qualifies the students for research and for applying to the PhD programme in Artistic Research and other relevant doctoral programmes.