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Master i teater
Thursday 20 May
14:00 & 16:30
Friday 21 May
14:00 & 16:30
Saturday 22 May
14:00 & 16:30
Natali Abrahamsen Garner
Like a sieve

Its a story of water. Of all things fluent, moving, changing. Always evolving from or to - or both. Being and becoming at the same time. About blue - the colour of the yonder. The colour of afar. Of were we want to be, but never can. For when we are, we are not. For when we are it is
different then when we weren’t. Its a story of the ocean. The deep. (The) Weighless feeling of floating, of water caressing your
skin. Of being home in oneself, as one surfs the waves, follow the flow. Lets it carry you along. About being a body of water.

I hear the ocean. Or is it the sound of me I hear reflected in the shell? Do I cry the ocean? The salty drops that run down my cheek, are they the sea? I take in the world and send ut floding back out again. In me everything is already flowing. 

And when I thought I had it, tight in my grip, well under my skin, carved in my backbone, melted into my marrow - it’s gone. Slipt though my fingers, like a sieve. And I know - nothing is forever.

On stage:
Magnus Skavhaug Neraard, Johan Lindvall, Natali Abrahamsen Garner

Natali Abrahamsen Garner is a musician and composer from Trondheim, based in Oslo. In her bands Nåtiden, Propan, Delish and Silicone, Garner works with the voice as an instrument, acoustic and in interaction with electronics, as a communicator of text and melody, and as texture. With her bands and in other constellations, Garner has toured in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia, and participated in a dozen releases. As well as her own projects, Garner has participated in Elin Már Vister's futureistic opera ‘Sirkelens historie forteller', Jenny Hval's concert performance 'The Practice of Love', Susanna Wallumrød's project 'The Brotherhood of our Lady', Johan Lindvall´s piece for Trondheim Jazzorchestra “Om du reser mycket” and is a permanent member of the vocal ensemble Trondheim Voices. In addition to her performing and artistic work, Garner has, together with Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard, founded Flerbruket - an artist residence and studio for musicians and artists, wich she runs on a daily basis.

In her master’s thesis in Theater at KHiO, Garner explores the meeting between the concert format and theater performance, wishing to create spaces that enhance the shared experience of music/sound. Garner works to create holistic artistic expressions where sound, text, visual and dramaturgical elements come together to form a common narrative.