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Lea Agathe Basch
Sedimentary Sound



Sedimentary Sound is an examination of the architecture and physics of a room, with the tools of theatre and live-art. The performance is embodying memories from the Alexander Kielland-acccident (1980), with the rescue divers stories as base material. How to transform a trauma into a scenic expression? What happens to the audience when the piece is experienced laying down, gently swaying?

Concept / scenography / directing : Lea Agathe Basch

Sound designer / Composer: Maia Viken
Light designer: Martin Maisch Brandvoll

Eirhild Alme
Elisabeth Bech Aschehoug 
Sofie Asplin 
Emil Aleksander Haugan 
Erik Kirkegaard 
Katrine Kvikstadhagen
Vegard Petersson Løvold 
Kristian Torgersen 

Text: based on interviews from the book Råolje "Alexander L. Kielland-ulykken" Hendelsen, etterspillet, hemmelighetene edited by Marie Smith-Solbakken
Script adaptation and recording: Lea Agathe Basch

Light execution: Kim A. Holm
Light technique: Ronnie Tungland
Light consultant: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen 
Sound technique: Olaf Stangeland

Stage technique: 
Marius Arne Larsen
Are Skaanes Engebretsen
Kjetil Skåret

Security / lending security gear: 
Kjetil Poulsson
Robert Caspersen

Lending costumes and blankets: 
Teaterhøgskolen by Signe Vasshus og Ida Lome Brevik
Teater Innlandet by Britt Elin Østby

Petter Width Kristiansen, Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Piotr Cholodzinski, Rune Rebne, Wenche Viktorsdatter Paulsen, Kjetil Skåret, Tormod Fuglestad, Sofie Frost, Lærke Grøntved, Mine Nilay Yalcin, Joachim Joachimsen, Edwin A. Cabascango, Maria Lingfors, Sebastian Legaard Engeland, Robert Caspersen, Bendik Syversætre Johannessen, Solveig Laland Mohn, Arne Andreas Opheim, Maria Dorothea Schrattenholz, Harald Jordal Johannessen and Christine Korte.

Special thanks to: The divers after the Kielland-disaster for sharing their experiences and Tord F. Paulsen and Marie Smith-Solbakken for passing the stories on.

Tore Vagn Lid
Carle Lange
Anne Holtan

Lea Agathe Opheim Basch (1981) has extensive experience from different interdisciplinary constellations, first and foremost within the Performing Arts, and from working with installation, video and performance in the field of Visual Arts. Her practice includes scenography, directing, text, drawing/painting, concept development and performing.

At the MA in Theatre program her focus is the scenic space and the spatial dramaturgy.