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Master i teater
Wednesday 12 May
17.00 (NO) & 19.00 (NO)
Friday 14 May
17.00 (NO) & 19.00 (ENG)
Saturday 15 May
17.00 (NO) & 19.00 (NO)
Jo Even Bjørke

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.
- First Law of Thermodynamics

Centripetal is a performative meeting place, opening a space for new encounters in a time characterized by separation and distance. The project invites a group of people into a large space which contains smaller rooms, each appearing and disappearing in a state of flux. Each room offers the participant the possibility of exchange or reflection, either through meeting with another - or in the confrontation with oneself.  

Centripetal aims to stimulate reflection around our perception of intimacy, and how it's affected by distance. The project researches how meetings, trust and empathy occur in a society otherwise affected by long-term social distancing and scepticism, in order to create a space for new understandings.

English version: 14.05 at 19.00

Artistic advisors and facilitators: Lærke Grøntved, Carina Furseth og Lea Basch
Sound design: Juhani Silvola
Sound technician: Antony Aubert
Lighting design: Oscar Udbye
Mentor: Tore Vagn Lid
Concept, directing and scenography: Jo Even Bjørke

Jo Even Bjørke (b. 1989) has a broad background from interdisciplinary work, both as a director and performer. At MA Theater he specializes in directing and dramaturgy, with audience contracts and spatial relationships as focal points. Jo Even is interested in the visual, sensorial and associative aspects of the performing arts, and is currently researching states of overexposure. He is a graduate of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and is a co-founder of the Krumple, an international theatre company that creates visual and physical theater through collective work processes.

Illustration: Bridget Riley